Tom Hanks is going to revolutionize the way you write with your iPhone -


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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Tom Hanks is going to revolutionize the way you write with your iPhone

If we tell you the name of Tom Hanks, you will probably get many of his hits, such as the movie Forrest Gump or The Green Mile. What you probably do not know is that the Californian actor has developed an application , or at least, is behind it and that today we are going to present you. It is called Hanx Writer.

And is that this actor has a collection of more than 250 typewriters , and is not satisfied with collecting them but also uses them assiduously. It is seen that some of Tom likes to combine the sound of these old machines practically disappeared, with the convenience of digital writing.

The application allows you to write directly with a classic machine, which is very striking is how well reproduced are the sounds and also supports any type of accent or sign. The comfort of this application is obvious, if you make a mistake you can go back without leaving any kind of mark. In addition to this you can easily share documents with other devices and export them to formats such as PDF.

This program that is available for iPhone and iPad comes with a fully functional machine by default, although you will have to check it out if you want to unlock certain options, such as different font sizes, styles or even the color of the ribbon . It also costs money to access other machines, almost 11 euros. They are not the 250 that the actor has collection, but there is enough variety.

Are you a mythomaniac? I used to take a look at you because to hang out is pretty good, although I can not imagine anyone replacing their text editor with this type of application, with the exception of Tom Hanks.

Hanx Writer

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