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Sunday, 4 March 2018


Media like YouTube, represent a new form of profitable work that is becoming increasingly popular in the labor market.

It is a complicated world and you have to know how to do it to earn money, but if it is carried out correctly, the gains can be higher than expected. If we talk about YouTube, the rules are set by Google .

YouTube is the number one video platform on the planet , where every minute, 300 hours of audiovisual content are added. But how are those who are dedicated to recording home videos able to generate income to upload them to the network? They achieve this through the Google AdSense advertising platform .

This infographic gives you a summary of the tips. Are you going to miss them?

How to make money with Adsense on YouTube

Here are 10 tips to strategically increase your earnings on YouTube :

1. Authentic content

The videos must be really authentic . Providing a personal brand to what is published is what really attracts the user.

For Google only tells what is original, that is, what does not come from another channel without prior authorization. In fact, in case that what is uploaded is not original it is possible that the user not only does not perceive gains with the video, but that they end up withdrawing it from YouTube .

2. Outbound links

Do not include too many links in your videos or in the description that accompanies them. The more links you include, the less likely it is that users will click on the Adsense sponsored links, which are the ones that generate revenue. Also do not include too many sponsored links, you will get your users do not click on any of them. You could say that it is unnatural, although everything is to try, and to carry out the strategy that works best.

3. Theme

Make sure the themes are attractive to your followers. The videos related to tutorials and courses of all kinds are among the most demanded at present. "How to sew a hem" "Course to learn SEO in 5 days" " The best Spanish youtubers of beauty and fashion " "How to make a space rocket with plastic bottles", etc.

These publications are very consulted and, therefore, have great potential to generate revenue, and of course, to viralize among all subscribers to the channel.

4. Publish with assiduity

If you decide to have a Youtube channel and create videos for a specific audience, try to publish constantly.

It is not about uploading a video every day, but it is about establishing a publication calendar that follows a dynamic , very useful for your followers to know when there will be new videos. It is advisable not to upload videos that have not been previously studied, in order to generate more impact.

For example, it publishes every Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. Interested users will be waiting for that precise moment to enter and see your new job. The number of views of your videos will increase, as well as comments and revenue.

5. Interaction with the public

Channel success depends on your ability to add value. A channel that does not communicate anything new will hardly achieve interactions. Look for themes of inspiration in other Youtubers of your competence to contribute topics that really demand people.

If you show experience in the topics that you treat and answer the doubts of your subscribers with respect and speed, you will achieve an active and growing channel. You can also create calls to action "call to action" to interact more with your audience.

6. Collaborations between Youtubers

It is important to involve other youtubers in the interaction of your channel. In this way, you will not only learn from your experience, but it will also serve as a platform to let you know new users.

The collaborations like, and much, especially when youtubers belonging to the same theme come together demonstrating that there is no competition, but companionship. Many have created alliances creating books with other youtubers to get more out of their own collaborations on YouTube.

7. Subscribers

Users are the ones who give life to the channel and get subscribers is not an easy task. In addition to getting users to watch your videos, you must convince them that it is interesting content, as well as to subscribe to your channel.

Work on increasing your list of followers by openly requesting the subscription at the end of each video. Comments also work, since users like to feel like they are being heard and can interact with you. Subscribers attract others and give more visibility to everything that is published.

8. User influx statistics

Reviewing statistics is important to control the flow of users and to know which topic and which publication has had more or less success. It is valuable information about your audience that will allow you to refine much more in the content you offer.

9. Clicks on your own ads

If it has occurred to you that you can increase your income by clicking on your own ads is that you have no idea of ​​everything Google knows about you ... You play that you are expelled from Adsense, losing any option to get income with advertising.

Nor should you encourage your followers to click on the ads; It is one of the points you have signed in your agreement with Google. It is prohibited and you will lose your Adsense account. Then you will not be able to re-create an Adsense account with your data and you will have to wait several months to be able to reapply to the program.

10. Advertising format

Knowing your channel's audience will also allow you to decide what type of advertising you want and how you will show it. There is everything, that's why you have to spend a little time to determine which advertising your subscribers will accept best considering that you are interested in clicking on it, but you do not want to bother them.

There is advertising type video, which would appear at the beginning or throughout the reproduction, there is the option to display banners in various areas of the page (in the right column, on the list of suggestions, at the bottom of the video ...).

It should be noted that video ads, unlike banners, are better paid, but Google only makes the payment if the ad has been viewed in its entirety or, at least, for 30 seconds.

It's up to you to decide if users can skip the ad within 5 seconds, or if they should see it completely. Be careful with this, because you can scare users if you force them to see a complete ad , so you will not only lose revenue for the ad not displayed, but you will stop winning many visits.

How to Make Money with Youtube 2017

Tutorial to earn money with Adsense on Youtube . You will learn how to set up your Adsense account, to monetize your videos with YouTube and Adsense in order to earn money with your videos on YouTube. 
Monetize your videos with youtube is really simple, once you have seen the tutorial you will simply have to follow the indicated steps, and after this, you will be able to include ads in your videos, and obtain benefits.

Youtube data in 2016
  • More than 1 billion people (or one third of all Internet users) are on YouTube.
  • Users between 18 and 49 years of age spent 74% more time watching YouTube videos in 2016.
  • The mobile user spends an average of 40 minutes each day on YouTube.
  • Live video views of YouTube have grown by 80%; Livestreams increased by 130%.
  • 80% of young people aged 18 to 49 watch YouTube in any month.
  • The Top Influencers of YouTube have generated more than 70 million hours of viewing time.
  • 5 million hours of news are seen every day on YouTube.
  • For Millennials, almost 70% of Premium online video is seen on YouTube.
  • More than 80% of YouTube video views come from outside the US.
  • The new advertising on YouTube has increased by 30% since 2015.


Digital marketing experts say that the success of the content spread through YouTube is in the way they are presented. Elaborate a short, impressive content, promote it in the different social networks and have the keywords in the title of the video are some of the guidelines you must follow to increase visits.

In addition, the more fame your channel acquires, the more advertising Adsense will place in it, generating more revenue and popularizing your content and personal image.

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