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Friday, 16 March 2018

Tremble Android: second-hand iPhone is his new nightmare

Although Apple takes the fame, top-of-the-range smartphones are generally expensive. However, many users do not renounce them and take advantage of the great opportunity offered by reconditioned phones , especially iPhones.

According to a study by Counterpoint Research , this trend in 2017 alone has grown by 13%, reaching 140 million units sold .

This growth contrasts sharply with the market for new phones , which has barely increased 3% in the last year, or 33.8 million units. And it seems that not only new smartphones live the man and the second hand market is giving a second life to those terminals that may no longer be pointers, but are still in the middle - high range, serve as an example the iPhone 7 .

Within the reconditioned iPhone there are several degrees with their consequent prices , which vary depending on the status of the terminal, its characteristics or the demand in the market.

Although you can buy them on certain second-hand platforms for individuals and professionals, the option of Apple reconditioned is gaining more followers : no wonder, since after all it is they who collect and review them, to sell them at a lower cost in the market and also with a guarantee.

Actually, iPhone users are pretty faithful to our terminal - whatever they say - and only 25% of us get rid of them , selling them ourselves or through an intermediary like Apple itself, which charges the device and we It pays according to its state and its value typified by the bitten apple , which is usually low in our opinion.

The reconditioned iPhone, the worst enemy of Android ... and Apple

Tom Kang, director of the firm, emphasizes:

    With a growth of 13%, refurbished iPhones are close to 10% of the global smartphone market.

Or what is the same: that refurbished iPhones are not a marginal alternative, but that today they grow more than the market for new phones. And how not, this trend hurts, not only Android , which sees how Apple is still a tough rival both first-hand and second-hand - with a more affordable and attractive price - but the very bitten apple itself and its new releases .

And, let's face it: the iPhone X has a disruptive concept , but until then there was a feeling of lack of innovation in the mobile sector both design and specifications.

Moreover, even now with the infinite screens, facial recognition or augmented reality has seduced a potential user, who sees their expectations satisfied with a reconditioned iPhone .

Thus, it is not unreasonable for someone to opt for a 2015 phone as the iPhone 7 because regardless of details for the most exquisite and demanding, there is a widespread feeling that a peak has been reached for the common users .

So the mid-range has a new king and it's completely unexpected: the phone reconditioned . Within this sector, as expected, Apple and Samsung are the absolute dominants. After all, they are the ones that launch the most expensive, innovative and attractive flagships, which is why they also stand the test of time.

Both brands account for almost 75% of the reconditioned market, yes, Apple and its iPhone is the absolute leader and its ascendancy continues to grow. And no wonder: to start, Apple devices last longer than Android , but there is also the issue of updates , where Koreans still have in the debit their serious problem with them, or rather, the absence of them.

Towards a new business model

Peter Richardson, another strong man of the firm, explains:

    It is a surprise that the biggest growth in the smartphone market is not India or another emerging country, but the reconditioned market. Thanks to this sector, the market for new phones will still fall further.

But beware, this reconditioned market does not take place in emerging economies, but they are in the United States and Europe. Much of the fault is with the large telecommunications operators , who finance terminals and sometimes offer leasing plans so that after two years of use, we can return our top-of-range terminal or definitely do it with it. Another alternative is to return it so that our next phone comes out cheaper.

In a market where phones are becoming more expensive, have more premium features and use them more and more for everything, it is not surprising that their longevity is greater, even if it is going through several owners . These studies do not stop confirming that this trend is not only a one day bloom, but that the smartphone club of more than one thousand euros is here to stay.

At the environmental level is the best option possible , making the most of resources and making them go through several phases: the initial, with an owner willing to enjoy the best for a year or two, and a later for a less intensive user .

The market studies do not lie and the manufacturers know it, that's why Apple has its own section and more and more the support and maintenance becomes more important . 

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