Trump wants Apple devices to be even more expensive -


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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Trump wants Apple devices to be even more expensive

Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, has recently revealed his plans for the future due to the increase in the import prices of some materials.

Apparently, Mr. Trump wants to impose a tariff of 25% on the import of steel and, on the other hand, an additional 10% on the import of aluminum .

The president is very interested in carrying out this movement to protect local companies in the United States . He will sign the order next week and promised that its effects will remain for a long time.

Apple products will be more expensive

This international marketing plan will mainly affect the sectors of the automotive and aerospace industry. However, it will also have a serious impact on the final prices of Apple products .

Donald Trump's plans regarding the importation of this type of material have not been well received by the Republican members , and many other companies have also criticized it.

President Donald Trump has not wanted to share many more details about his plans. For now, it is not very clear if you intend to apply this rate only on materials or final goods. If it is the first option, the impact on the price of Apple devices will be minimal.

Apple is responsible for assembling all its products in China and then imports them to the United States. But if the administration of Donald Trump insists on increasing the rate of products already manufactured ... then the price of Apple devices will be much higher.

If the prices of Apple, as a rule, are usually already exorbitant ... Can you imagine how much the prices of their equipment can increase?

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