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Monday, 26 March 2018

Turn your iPhone X into the original iPhone with this incredible case

We are going to go back 11 years in time, to June 19, 2007. That day, it was Tuesday, saw the original iPhone , also known as iPhone 2G, come to light . presented in January by Jobs himself. It was the beginning of a new era in the way the world understood technology.

Small, with aluminum body and polished apple in the metal, a black plastic base. It fit perfectly in one hand, it was something heavy although it fell in love at first sight. Who writes this had the opportunity to have one until recently, and I have no qualms in recognizing how good that iPhone was despite its shortcomings . He did not record video, his camera was quite regulera, but the magic that it gave off has not been matched, at least for me.

And since there are retro people, obviously I include myself, a company called ColorWare has just released a few covers for iPhone 7, iPhone 8 (and its Plus versions) and iPhone X with which the appearance of the first Apple phone is perfectly imitated. It is true that it has no metal parts, but the silver vinyl looks very faithful.

ColorWare is a brand known for customizing a multitude of products, from the AirPods cover to MacBooks. He even brought to the market a very expensive retro-looking iMac , with the rainbow apple even.

You can see that the retro sells, that's for sure. These iPhone limited edition cases that mimic the look of the original Cupertino of 2007 are available for $ 19 , a price quite affordable to tell the truth. They ship to virtually any country in the world, although shipping costs are worth as much as the case itself .

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