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Monday, 26 March 2018

"Use colors, that will distract you": Huawei's strategy to try to overcome the iPhone

It seems that, days after its great presentation, Huawei are quite revolutionized. So much so, that they have allowed some of the images of their new smartphone to reach the hands of one of the editors of the WinFuture blog, Roland Quandt , which has been an important shock for many. Not because of the details of the phone's design, but rather because of its colors, one in particular, which would stand out for its "bravery".

In principle, there are not many new features to highlight with respect to the images of the Huawei P20 , as you have already assumed with the outstanding. Again, we will have several cameras, with Leica technology, which will most likely integrate some of the capabilities offered by artificial intelligence for higher quality. In any case, and leaving aside the blatant and unnecessary imitation of the "notch" of the iPhone X, it seems that this degraded is going to be one of the stars.

We have to admit, it's really beautiful, and it would not reject a single phone with a similar gradient. I simply can not believe that this is one of the points of his strategy against the iPhone , it can not be. Among other things because we know, from our own experience, that the more beautiful a design is, the more fragile the telephone becomes. Although it is usually more resistant than the previous model.

Honestly, I would love that in the presentation we could see a phone ready to face the iPhone. But after seeing what they have been doing in recent months, I think we will not have big surprises with the P20. Of course, that Apple take a look at that degraded, because I would love to see something similar in a future device of the California company. I think it would make some of us happy.

Source | WinFuture 

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