Sunday, 11 March 2018

Using your mobile is much more dangerous to your health than you think

The mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lives: we look at the mail, chat with our friends, read the news and even work with them, and they do not stop evolving . Unfortunately, this has its negative side, and being hooked to the mobile can also bring us negative consequences .

There are several risks that we run by abusing the mobile, today I bring you three of the main ones. They are the following:

Risks associated with the use of the mobile phone

Tumors and cancer

Everyone knows that the mobile emits radiation, however we know that this is not as dangerous as it could be emitted by an X-ray machine, capable of increasing the risk of developing different types of cancer.

Studies have been carried out that indicate that although mobile phones emit non-ionizing radiation, it could also be potentially carcinogenic . This means that really, there could be a risk of developing cancer or tumors. Currently studies are being conducted focused on this type of radiation to determine what type of risk is to which we are exposed.

'Brain activation'

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association , the effect of non-ionizing radiation from mobile phones can also be negative , beyond the potential carcinogenic potential.

A study was organized where healthy patients were exposed to the radiation emitted by a smartphone for 50 minutes. The study concluded that in such patients, radiation increased brain metabolism in the region closest to the antenna.

Although we know what it causes, the effect it produces is still unknown . Different studies are currently being developed to determine to what extent this exposure to non-ionizing radiation can affect us continuously.

Some of the studies already done relate this activation in the metabolism to changes in sleep cycles, reaction times or alteration in cognitive ability , although as we say, there is still a long way to go to find scientific evidence to demonstrate these results.

Traffic accidents

This problem does not alarm us as much as the possible radiation that our terminals emit, and yet it is capable of taking many more lives than the other two points would take.

The use of the mobile phone in the car is, despite being a prohibited activity, something that many people see 'everyday'. Answering a call, changing a GPS address or sending a WhatsApp are seemingly banal acts that can cost both our lives and those of other people with whom we share the road. Caution, driver friend ...

The figures do not surprise us, but they should do it: using the mobile phone when driving is the main cause of serious traffic accidents due to distraction, and that is when we use it we are traveling dozens of meters blind . If we need to read or write a message, we can always ask Siri, who will be happy to do it for us when we are busy.

Solution: use the mobile with moderation

We know that disconnecting in a connected world is practically impossible, but there are times when our priority has to be far from the screen .

In short, while it is true that we are not very clear about the problems that mobile radiation can cause, we do know what we should do when we use the car. In all the cases we are talking about, forgetting about the mobile phone for a while and remembering that there is life beyond the screen will not only help us to avoid radiation or accidents, it will also improve our quality of life .

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