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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Watch videos on your iPhone: you're doing it wrong

There are many occasions in which iPhone users do not turn their smartphones to play videos in landscape mode, that is, in horizontal position. In fact, it is mentioned that 72% of the time millennials play video in portrait mode or in vertical position.

Of course, that age range does not cover all iPhone users, and it is true that in many of those times we play video content in applications that are not compatible with horizontal playback , such as Instagram for example. However, it is still a very curious fact.

It is interesting to talk about this subject because many video contents are better used in vertical position and many others in horizontal position. Fans of vertical video playback explain that this type of reproduction works best with capturing images of buildings, trees, mountains and scenes in which the body of a whole person must be shown.

An analysis on the reproduction and capture of video on smartphones

In this article we will not try to blame people who play and record videos in a vertical position, nor do we want to offer solutions to this obvious problem related to technology and human nature. We will simply discuss it , with respect and professionalism.

While some applications, such as Instagram as mentioned previously, force their users to play video content in a vertical position ... others, on the other hand, only allow users to play videos in horizontal position. As for example, Netflix.

This could be because Instagram is an application specially designed for social communication and Netflix focuses solely on series, films and documentaries.

The more I think about this curious technological problem, the more I am passionate about the evolutionary way in which users have finally become accustomed to holding a smartphone. Since the beginning of our era, we have used our hands to hold fine objects (sticks, arrows, tools ...) simply because of the physiognomy of our bony system.

The hands of our ancestors evolved to hold objects with four fingers and hold them with the thumb . But holding a smartphone (especially the Plus models ) in a horizontal position with one hand is physically uncomfortable.

So why do some users prefer to play videos in horizontal position? Obviously, besides because the visualization is more "broad", but also because our vision is biased towards the horizontal . That is, our eyes have an angle of vision with a higher range in horizontal plane than in vertical plane.

In fact, the angle of vision of a human eye is 180º horizontally and 130º vertically. There are many theories about the evolution of our eyes, but basically they are like that because our ancestors tended to look more towards the sides (hunting, exploration, socialization) than towards the sky.

The videos are reproduced and viewed in a much more natural way in landscape mode, that's right. But curiously many of us (among which I include myself on some occasions) hold our iPhone upright . And you? What do you think about this topic? Do you usually record videos horizontally or vertically? Do you find it uncomfortable?

Via | Macobserver 

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