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What can we expect from the Apple Watch 4?

For some years now, the first Apple Watch was launched on the market, and since then we have gone through three more series that have been offering some extras and additions that may seem more or less useful.

If we look back, we will see as a device that at first many people did not believe has ended up being a regular in the wrists of those passionate about technology - I include myself, being at first a skeptic lover of traditional chronographs - and that has been shown in the financial results in Cupertino.

What those who hold an Apple Watch we hope goes beyond the news that has happened in the successive reviews of the wearable . The truth is that, despite being in front of one of the most complete smart watches on the market, it is still a luxury accessory for our iPhone , as well as a good companion for athletes.

What can we expect from the Apple Watch 4? It will become an important accessory, beyond the complement that is today?

Apple Watch 4: What's to come 

More third-party apps

Let's be honest: we do not find too many third-party applications with good functionality for the Apple Watch. While it is true that some of the most famous - such as Instagram, Telegram or Trello - have their own bubble and are functional, in many other cases the application is poorly optimized at best, when in most cases we only receive notifications, no option to answer

The option to improve the spheres with the consequent complications does not seem a priority option for Apple, although these are a great source of information for the user.

In this case, we can only hope that it will hit the right key and stop suffering from those tedious applications that seem more designed to annoy us than to help .

Changes in design

Since it was presented in 2014, a person could be carrying an original Apple Watch or a Series 3 and if the colors matched we would not notice the change .

This is something significant, since Apple tends to modify the design sensibly approximately every 2 or 3 years, but the smartwatch seems to be an exception , focusing all its developments on chip and software improvements.

Why not change the design? Maybe because they consider that their square screen is already an icon or simply, because they are doing well but it seems that in Cupertino nobody has considered moving a finger in a matter of design. At least, we have the consolation that our belts and covers are compatible with each other in its vast majority. Something good had to have.

It will make your life more healthy

Seeing the additions in the successive series that have been coming out (beyond the improvement in the battery and processor) we can get a pretty clear idea of what Apple is looking for with its smart watch .

It does not seem that this device happens to be a totally different entity from the iPhone, but it is true that little by little, health-related functions are being added to it. What do I mean by this? Well, the fact that it is focused on "forcing" us to lead a healthy life, the fact that it takes our pulse and now also incorporates a GPS and a barometric altimeter makes us think.

Little by little those of Cupertino have shown us that what they really look for with the Apple Watch goes hand in hand with a healthy life . That is why Apple is still looking for how to add more sensors to your watch.

Can you imagine being able to constantly measure your blood sugar level without the need for an implanted chip and a specific application? or even, measuring pressure would open many doors to those patients who really need this kind of constant control. Luckily, it will soon be a reality .

So ... What's new?

There is really little we can know about how the Apple Watch will be or will not be for the next few years, but I am sure that health, physical activity and monitoring our own body will go hand in hand with the new developments that are taking .

If we take into account that the evolution of the Apple Watch 2 to the third series has made it little by little, this is getting closer to a stand-alone gadget rather than a complement. That we would have liked to see more changes? Of course.

I also liked that in the successive versions this smart watch has become suitable for swimming in swimming pools, and that now also includes GPS so that we do not have to carry our iPhone on our backs if we want to go out to play sports, which It becomes a much more versatile device.

What does have to make you feel bad is that by not having too many native applications, we can not find adequate solutions to our needs without going through the box . Without going any further, a lot of your competition (at a more moderate price) offers the sleep monitoring system, while Apple Watch users have to pay if we want this control.

Smart watches, as a rule, have always been the territory of athletes , although this changed with the arrival of the fashion of wearables . We only need to see how far the efforts of the great technology companies will come to make the use of one of these devices a necessity.

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