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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

What do you think the Control Center of your iPhone needs?

The Control Center of iOS 11 incorporated a great renovation both at the design level and at the functionality level . Now it is possible to customize each of its elements, and even interact with some features through the use of 3D Touch technology.

But the Control Center of iOS 11 is far from perfect . Although it allows you to take pictures, activate mobile data, control the Apple TV or turn on the LED flash ... there are still many options that Apple could implement to improve the experience it provides to iPhone and iPad users.

In this article we will talk about those functions that we consider that the iOS Control Center needs in iPhone and iPad.

1. Location

With iOS 11, Apple finally included the ability to activate and deactivate mobile data from the Control Center of the iPhone and iPad. Undoubtedly, it was a very expected function by the users. However, the company of the bitten apple has not added a button for location services .

So if you want to activate and / or deactivate the location on your iPhone and iPad, you will have to perform the uncomfortable action of accessing the Settings application and doing it from there. It is somewhat tedious since it is a function that consumes enough battery.
2. VPN

VPN services create an encrypted access to your device's web browsing , but also to email and other online activities. Therefore, it would be a very useful feature to take into account to enter in the iOS Control Center.
3. Wi-Fi

Since the launch of iOS 11, every time you disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you do not do it completely . To permanently disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you will have to enter Settings and do it manually . So we hope that this functionality returns to normal in future versions, or at least allow users to choose.

Via | Macobserver 

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