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Friday, 16 March 2018

WhatsApp and Facebook fined for sharing your personal data

The traffic of personal data is unfortunately a tonic nowadays in our society full of applications. Without many times we realize, we usually consent to the use of our data to install any application or access certain services. We recognize that it is difficult for us to read the fine print and we are looking for the "I accept" button without much consideration.

And in Spain we have known that two companies, although one is the parent company of the other, have been fined 300,000 euros (370,000 US dollars) each for misusing the personal data of their users. We talked about the popular WhatsApp messaging application and the Facebook social network .

To understand these bulky fines we must go back to the past, WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook in 2014. The green application updated the terms of its service and privacy policy , and introduced changes, one of which was to share information of users of it to Facebook. But of course, did there exist any consent on the part of the users? Do not.

The fact of accepting the new conditions seemed like essential to make use of the WhatsApp application and on the other hand, that transfer of data to Facebook did not give place . And users could not also give their refusal. In short, the whiting that bites the tail, in addition to this, is not the first time that Zuckerberg's company is fined .

Therefore, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and under Article 11 of the Organic Law on Data Protection, has applied the maximum penalty for these cases . The complaint was filed by the OCU, Facua (two consumer associations) and two individuals. You can consult the resolution of the opening file in this link . These fines can be a drop of water for both giants, although it may give you to think the way we use our data .

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