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Friday, 23 March 2018

WhatsApp for iPhone releases 3 new features

WhatsApp continues taking steps towards the future, with the clear objective of remaining the most used instant messaging application worldwide. That's why we woke up today with three new novelties , which were already available in the beta version and that are now available to any user of the application, for Android, for iOS and even Windows Phone.

We already warned you that none of the three new features will change the way you used WhatsApp or your opinion on the application, but they will surely be very useful at certain times. Let's review the 3 new features that WhatsApp releases for iPhone .
Description of the groups

Any creator or administrator of a group will not only have the difficult task of having to name the group, as well as a photo, and now they can also add a description of up to 500 characters . This description, once created, may be edited by any member of the group.

This new functionality will be available in any group , although without a doubt it seems very oriented to that ever increasing number of WhatsApp groups for commercial or advertising purposes.
Finding participants from a group will no longer be an almost impossible mission

Searching for a friend or a participant in a group, if it had a large number of members, was an almost impossible mission. With the new version of WhatsApp this task has become much simpler and we can use the new search engine inserted in the group information screen .

Maybe you do not use it much, but the day you need to find a specific member of a group, you will save a lot but that much time . Also you can always ask yourself if that member of the group is your best friend of WhatsApp .

It is now possible to alternate audio and video calls 

Until now in WhatsApp it was only possible to make an audio call or a video call. From today it is already possible to alternate between an audio and video call with the push of a button .

As we already mentioned, these are not too eye-catching novelties, but they will surely be the salvation of many users in specific situations. If you expected something more from WhatsApp, maybe with the next update we can see big changes, although I'm not sure if the application and its managers want big changes.

How do you like the new functions of WhatsApp for iPhone?

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