Thursday, 15 March 2018

WhatsApp is for Latinos

The arrival of instant messaging applications has revolutionized the way we communicate . Both have managed to enter our lives that absorb much of our time, given the permanent hyperconnection we suffer.

And in Spain is tremendously popular, with a huge degree of use and having much advantage over Telegram , Facebook Messenger, Line or the own iOS, iMessage. Although today we come to talk about the implementation of this application in the United States and a racial group that populates a large part of the North American country .

The application owned by Marck Zuckerberg is the most popular in the United States within a very characteristic group, Latinos. So much so that 49 percent of them use it as their main application . And the reason for this high use is very clear: WhatsApp is widely used in Latin America and is therefore the most comfortable way for Latino emigrants to communicate with their families.

In North America, the application is used by the aforementioned percentage, followed by the group of white people with 21 percent and black people with 14 percent. The use given mainly by Latinos is to be in contact with their families , chat in the known groups of the app and share news.

WhatsApp was born in 2009 and soon managed to carve a niche in the world of messaging and unseat SMS, which had a high cost at that time. The application had about 1,200 million active users in the world last summer. Lately it has been introducing many improvements, being the last one to be able to put a description in the groups , so popular within the same app. 

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