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Sunday, 4 March 2018

WhatsApp will alert you if you forward the messages to another person

A new feature of WhatsApp seeks to protect the messages of the forwarding: soon the application will tell when someone forwards your chats to another person.

The news arrives with droppers to WhatsApp, but they are settling little by little to make the application more stable, secure and also have more options. It is the most used and also the most threats to privacy, hence the application seeks to raise awareness of those who are exceeded in the chats . For example, forwarding messages.

The novelty that WaBetaInfo advances seeks to put a stop to those who share conversations with third parties. This, which is so very practical, can violate privacy: if they tell us something, it does not have to be known by another person. So WhatsApp will soon post a notice about those messages that have been shared .

If it is a private chat, it will automatically know that you are betraying it

Until now the forwarding of messages is something private and secret. Simply dial one or more messages, click on the forward icon and choose a recent chat: the other person will know what the original contact said. How to protect users without blocking a basic function in a messaging application? With the tip-off .

There is no date yet, but we know that it will happen soon: when we resend a message, the " Message resent " mark will appear. In this way, whoever wrote the message will know that someone has sent it to someone else. If it happens in a group it may not be easy to catch the "snitch", but it will not happen the same if it is a private chat.

WaBetaInfo already warns that WhatsApp will not include the name of the person who has forwarded the message, so that certain anonymity will remain in the groups. The forwarded message notice will appear in the chat where it was originally written and also in the conversation to which it is forwarded.

WhatsApp seeks greater privacy for users: that someone forwards a sensitive message can suppose a violation of privacy (and even a crime). Although that yes, the messages will be able to continue copying without warning and WhatsApp will not alert of the captures of screen, something that yes is happening in Instagram .

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