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Monday, 12 March 2018

WhatsApp will erase messages without leaving a trace

WhastApp is the most used instant messaging application worldwide, with hundreds of millions of users who use it constantly to communicate with their family or friends. One of the things that makes users inclined by this application are the great options and functionalities that it offers, among which the possibility of deleting messages already sent could not be missing.

Precisely this option has been improved by WhatsApp in the last hours, and is that if so far we only had a limit of 7 minutes to delete a message, now we can delete any message up to an hour and eight minutes after sending it . This option already existed, although not in an official way and we could see how certain users were able to delete messages, sent several years ago.

The time in which the messages sent could be eliminated was one of the complaints that the users had, and that is that with only 7 minutes the maneuver time was very reduced. Of course, from now on you can only delete messages that meet the established times . And WhatsApp has introduced a restriction that will not allow, neither with or without a trap, to eliminate messages that have been sent more than 68 minutes ago.

The modification of the algorithm in charge of identifying the deleted messages , is what has allowed to increase the time available to delete a message. Of course, in order to erase a message sent, both the device that sends it and the receiver must be turned on, so make sure that to whom you send a message, it will not be that you can not delete it by having Shut off your smartphone the other person.

This new feature is already implemented in the application available for Android, Windows Phone and of course iOS. In the event that you can not delete a message sent in the time that we have commented, maybe you should update the application to be able to use the new functionality.

Do you find it useful to increase the time to delete a message sent through WhatsApp? . Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for the comments of this post or through any of the social networks in which we are present. 

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