Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Why the Apple ecosystem is so strong

How many times have you heard that about the "Apple ecosystem? Whether in videos, in media publications, in user recommendations ... in fact, beyond the generic and subjective response of "I have an iPhone X because it is the best phone that exists", the ecosystem is one of the star arguments .

The Youtuber and Apple expert Marques Brownlee has tried to shed some light on the issue and be more specific about what Apple's ecosystem is and why it is so decisive for users .

And is that the bitten apple seems to be addictive , and once you invest in your first iPhone, then usually come an iPad, Apple Watch, Mac ... we can not stop to complete the entire ecosystem that Apple offers us, which is not little. Why?

Brownlee explains that Apple makes all of our Apple devices feel like a wall : a fence that protects a green and flowery garden with walls that we just do not want to jump.

Because every time we buy an Apple gadget we enjoy its exclusive software such as AirPlay, iCloud, AirPlay and that all our devices understand each other perfectly .

Specific software working to synchronize your user experience

We can see it with examples: start writing a message on your Mac and without doing anything, end it on your iPhone. This is simply impossible with any platform, in fact the only solution would be to leave an email half in drafts and have to go to retrieve it.

Find something on the internet on your phone, just click on the Dock icon to continue reading it on your Mac. No, you do not need to send the link by email.

What happens when you want to have several photos or videos in one stroke on your computer? Airdrop passes them instantly. We would have to download some specific app for that purpose.

In the same way you can have Siri set a reminder on your mobile, but you will see it on your Apple Watch in a few seconds. Start a FaceTime call with your Apple Watch and continue with it on your iPhone . As before, there are no programs in the market that allow you to do so.

And they are just examples of routine actions that we do without realizing. These are details that make the difference in terms of user experience .

Yes, all Apple devices and software have been designed to be all the best in the market, but they are also made so that if you have Apple gadgets, everything is fluid and instantaneous. The consequence? Keep buying more Apple .

Brownlee insists: Apple strives to make products all the best it can within the ecosystem, affecting the ecosystem. This explains, for example, that with HomePod you can not use Spotify just like that.

The HomePod is the clearest example of this : it only uses Siri, it has no Bluetooth or Jack connection, it only runs Apple Music ... for a user who is immersed in the Apple environment is simply perfect.

Who would want to get out of the Apple ecosystem?

Eye, most of those Apple users also have a device that is not Apple or use platforms like Dropbox or Spotify. What happens if we leave the ecosystem?

Apple makes it easier than it seems, but it will never be as immediate as in the warm Apple ecosystem . For example when we pair some AirPods with an Android device. Although in others it will be impossible, such as moving the entire Apple Music library to Spotify. A very painful exception.

But let's go back to the iPhone and imagine that we want to change it to another phone. It is not easy , precisely because the iPhone is the best Apple device, its star. You will not find another phone that equals or exceeds technical specifications, or design, or screen, but also for all that ecosystem in the form of software running to make your life easier. And the rest of your Apple gadgets will be a little less useful. The scale is tilted towards the apple side .

Although Amazon, Google or Samsung try to create their own ecosystems with more or less high walls - others even without walls - they do not offer the same.

Marques finishes his speech with a fundamental advice: do not close on four walls and look at the horizon , take advantage of everything that others have to offer and make the most of it. 

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