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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

With Lithium-silicon batteries, you will forget to charge your iPhone

In this world in which we find ourselves, our dependence reaches such a point that, many of us who are in these parts, we would not know what to do if we were left without the possibility of accessing our telephone. And there is no worse threat than the one that supposes to remain without battery, especially when we are in the middle of nowhere . However, it seems that companies are already working on different solutions to alleviate this problem.

On the one hand, as we have already commented to you, our phones have different ways of saving energy , with which we can survive a little more. In addition, the energy management of operating systems is increasingly efficient, although at certain times try to be too much. The only downside to all this is that, in the end, we depend on the capacity of our battery. For that reason, Apple already has thought about a new evolution.

At present, batteries are being developed with between 20% and 40% improvement over current technology. In addition, it would not imply a big change when producing the components, given that it is a variation of the current Lithium Ion batteries. And the main responsible for this innovation, which is scheduled to become a consumer product in the medium term, has certain relationships with the Cupertino company.

For now, these batteries are more aimed at the automotive sector, in particular to electric car manufacturers. But there is nothing that prevents us from seeing them in not too long on our Apple devices. Let's hope, of course, that they do not involve new incidents for users, that we have had enough for a good season.

Does your battery support the rhythm of day to day?

Via | Cult of Mac 

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