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Saturday, 24 March 2018

With this trick you can make the iPhone dock transparent

As you have already discovered, the Dock of your iPhone has a different color from the background of your desktop. It is an aesthetic question, but at the same time informs us that those apps that are fixed even if we pass the screens. But what would happen if we wanted to customize the Dock making that difference imperceptible? It is possible thanks to this TechBout trick that makes the iPhone Dock transparent .

Quiet, no need to Jailbreak or install additional apps to make the iPhone Dock transparent, simply enough with a few specific wallpapers. With this effect your iPhone will be unique. You have two options, do it with a white Wallpaper, which will give the desktop a curious effect considering the design of the icons of the apps, or colored.

How to make the iPhone Dock transparent

1) In Safari, go to the website heyeased.weebly.com .

2) On the Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper page, swipe down and click the Hide dock Wallpapers button .

3) On this page, scroll down to see the one you like and touch it .

4) Locate the model of your iPhone and click on the button.

5) You will see the images of the different wallpapers. Click on the image you like so that it occupies the whole screen and tap on the share butto

6) Click Save Image .

7) Go to your photo reel, look for the downloaded photo and tap on sharing, you can select Wallpaper . Select Depth and set.

8) Finally select if you want it as a blocked screen or Start. And you already have it.

As you can see, it is not very complicated and in reality it is a trick that takes into account the default gradient of iOS, but the effect is still unique and surprising . 

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