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Sunday, 11 March 2018

With this trick you search for audios, videos, photos or files in a WhatsApp chat

In case you did not know, for some time WhatsApp for iOS has a useful tool that allows us to find concrete extracts from a conversation . That is, if you want to find the moment when someone says "I love you", it will be enough to write it in the search box, which you can find by tapping on an individual or group chat and selecting "Search chat" , accompanied by a magnifying glass.

In this way the words that meet the search criteria will be marked, being able to scroll throughout the chat to find them all quickly. Easy, right? But this tool is much more powerful than you think, and is that with it you can search all kinds of files that you have shared in the chat , simply by typing the appropriate word.

How to search for audios, videos, photos, documents ... in a WhatsApp chat

To find a specific file, you need to look for its extension . If you are familiar with computer science, it will not cost you too much to get used to this protocol. But, we explain it to you with several examples:

  •     If you need to see all the GIFs that you have shared in a chat , you just have to type "gif". So WhatsApp will mark them all.
  •     If you want to see the shared photos , you will have to type "jpg" to appear.
  •     What do you need to locate videos? Write "mp4"
  •     If you're looking for documents , write the extension. They can be doc, pdf, xls, zip, rar ...
  •     But, what happens if you need to hit audios? Here comes the gimmicky. The trick is to write "opus", the audio encoding format for WhatsApp on iOS, Android and other platforms.

Of course, the search engine itself was very useful, but with this professional trick we can still get more out of it.

Via | Wabetainfo 

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