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Thursday, 22 March 2018

With this trick you will know who is your best friend of WhatsApp

Have you ever wondered who you have more WhatsApp messages with? Surely you already know by pure logic, but if you want to know exactly how many messages you have with someone, photos, videos and even the megas you have occupied, you just have to take a look at WhatsApp options .

This trick is very useful to manage our space , especially if we do not have an iPhone with a large capacity . After some time and after many conversations, it is very possible that we notice how the terminal starts to become small, and we must think about saving space.

Discover how many messages you have with each person on WhatsApp

1) To locate the number of messages with each person, we will only have to go to Settings .

2) Once here, we will go to Data and Storage .

3) In Use of Storage we will see broken down, person by person, how many megabytes we have occupied.

4) We can free space , choosing whether to delete videos, photographs, voice notes ... This is a really useful function, especially considering that in addition to being saved within the WhatsApp application itself, we also end up saving the videos on the reel , thus having a duplicate of all the memes, photographs, videos and in short, any file that can be saved on our iPhone.

It is interesting that before we finish erasing all the photos that WhatsApp treasures, we make a dump of the data , by mere security, in our computer, in iCloud, or in short, that we make sure to safeguard the data that we intend to delete, because this option can not be undone .

If we make periodic deletions in our terminal and keep our data safe we ​​will make sure we do not have to deal with the tedious message of 'insufficient capacity' , and it is very good to keep our memories on the iPhone, but it is not so can not update applications or can not take photos.

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