You also know: The best of Augmented Reality are games -


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Friday, 30 March 2018

You also know: The best of Augmented Reality are games

One of the strengths of iOS 11 , which was officially launched on September 19 last year, was the final push that Apple has given to ArKit , which allows developers to boost augmented reality applications.

We have seen some that allow you to check how the furniture you want to buy in your living room will be, others that offer curious features where reality and virtual objects merge to create new experiences . Although the undisputed kings of this type of applications are leisure, that is, games.

To give accuracy and put numbers to such confirmation we have the data, the Sensor Towers consultancy states in a study that augmented reality applications compiled with ARKit have been installed more than 13 million times since September , the date on which iOS 11 was launched. , a figure that shows that augmented reality has come to stay and is not a flower of a day.

And the games are largely to blame for this success, as their download share reaches an incredible 47 percent of the total applications with ARKit . In the last semester, the increase in downloads of games in this category has increased by 35 percent.

The best apps and games of Augmented Reality in iOS

If you want to experience the augmented reality in your flesh and those of your iPhone , here you can try the Augmented Reality apps that cause a furor since ARKit was introduced in September and some recent AR releases that are sweeping , do not stop trying them.

You will wonder what is the game that has filled the download list, this has not been other than AR Dragon, where take care of your virtual dragon to transform it into an adult is a challenge for those who use it. If you have not tried it, we leave you down the link so you can try it out! It's amazing!

The consultancy augurs a spectacular increase of these applications of augmented reality based on ARKit, where it seems that there is a lot of room for new releases, being currently occupied in the App Store for 2,000 applications.
AR Dragon
AR Dragon

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