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Friday, 23 March 2018

You only need a blink to pay with Apple Pay and iPhone X

In recent years, mobile payments have revolutionized the way we make our purchases with simple and fast systems, which allow us to execute transactions without using a physical bank card. However, few remember how difficult were the beginnings of this technology, at which time there were not too many who trusted it. Among other things, because there was not the same level of security and comfort that exists today.

Currently, for us it is as simple as placing a finger on the Touch ID sensor of our phone and bringing it to the payment terminal or cashier. And if we have an iPhone X, it is even faster, thanks to the TrueDepth sensor and Face ID, which instantly recognize us. In fact, in the announcement that we present today, Apple tries to focus precisely on that, with an advertising piece of the most curious, in the style of the recently submitted for HomePod .

In this case, a young man shows us how fast we can buy everything we want with Apple Pay, at the speed of one look per item. We do not know if your bank account will endure the blow of a complete renovation of costumes and furniture, which by the way, teleports with a clear nod to Back to the Future. What if we have been clear, is that nobody else offers the same ease of payment as the iPhone X and Apple Pay.

This ad comes to us especially for the Spanish luxury, because recently we have learned that, soon, new banks will join the list of entities compatible with the service. So it is possible that some of you can start to try it in not too long , if you have not done it already. In my case, rare is the day I use the physical card, and I only dream about the day when I do not have to take out a single ticket to buy what we need.

And you, have you already tried Apple Pay with your iPhone?

Via | MacRumors 

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