You will not believe that the photos of this Russian artist are made with an iPhone -


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Monday, 19 March 2018

You will not believe that the photos of this Russian artist are made with an iPhone

The quality that they get from a while to here the cameras of the mobile devices is amazing. So much so that we find real artists capable of a lot with their iPhone. And is that with something eye, imagination, study and an iPhone can do amazing things.

And of course, there are people with a kind of magic wand that do what others can not, reflect reality with a sensitivity beyond the ordinary . This is the case of Russian photographer Dmitry Markov , with a whopping 200,000 followers on Instagram.

The story of Dmitry is like that of anyone from the outskirts of Moscow without much future ahead, snorting glue and clinging to a bottle of vodka as a way of survival-self-destruction. For 7 years he was a volunteer in an orphanage , and in which he was portraying with his camera the scenes he saw, until his camera disappeared and he decided to replace it with an iPhone.

The images that can be captured have a place within a social realism that draws attention. Young people, the elderly, street people, drunks, beggars or peasants are part of his gallery. According to him, a large part of the people he portrays are known to him .

Although the photographer is set in a small apartment in the provincial town of Pskov, he does not usually spend too much time there. As he himself says, establishing himself in a fixed manner would give him stability and some social approval, but he prefers to travel and continue to "waste" the money on trips .

And it is very clear, only poses as a future option continue to shoot your iPhone and bring to our screens the best of their art and way of understanding life . A sign that quality is not at odds with taking pictures with a simple mobile phone.

You can buy your book of photos for 1600 rubles, about 22 euros to change.

Via | macobserver 

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