You're not as good as you think in PUBG for iPhone, it's that you play bots -


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Monday, 26 March 2018

You're not as good as you think in PUBG for iPhone, it's that you play bots

But what's happening, PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds was not a game famous for its extreme realism? How is it possible that suddenly, it is easier than Fortnite ? How bad are people when playing on mobile ?

Before you start posting all your Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner on social networks, to preach that you are the best player who has known the game of Blue Hole and that you are going to become a professional streamer hunting down all that handful of novatillos that people the map, maybe you should stay clear:

You are playing against bots , not against people. You did not even realize it.

PUBG for iOS is full of bots for you to learn to play

I'm sorry to be the one who chafe the illusion of becoming a proplayer , but it is a fact that this game for mobile is not as simple to manage as it could be in a computer or console, which is why it has been decided to add bots in the game, until you improve your KDA gradually and get decent ranges. Then, and only then, will you start playing against humans.

This is done precisely so that casual players do not have as many problems as we all had at the time. If you have played the version of PUBG for PC you probably feared enough places like Pochinki or La Hacienda del PatrĂ³n to even get close to that salad shot.

When this game has such a high learning curve, what is sought is not to scare away the casual public accustomed to other types of simpler games that will not be day after day dedicating hours and hours to improve, so that all those players who they do not aspire to more than to have fun they can enjoy the emotion that it supposes without having to spend hundreds or thousands of hours in this to progress and win games.

Remember that this genre of video games is not easy in itself, and a player who leaves in his first games fed up by not having been able to just defend against someone who takes hundreds of hours of play, is a person who will never return to want to play this game .

So you already know, if you have also believed that suddenly everyone had become very bad , I am disappointed, but it is not like that: you are simply playing against bots. If you still dare to try it, you can play it here : 

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