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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

YouTube launches an impressive dark theme for iPhone: how to activate it?

Applications that have a dark mode, or night mode, make it much easier to work or display in certain circumstances. Think when you are in bed consulting any information and do not want to bother more than the account who was sleeping next to you.

Well, one of the most downloaded apps, YouTube , has just launched its own dark mode. To enable it you must have downloaded the latest version of the application , so check if you have updated it and we will tell you how to activate it.

How to activate the escuro theme in the YouTube application

1.- Check that you have the latest version of the application updated.
2.- Log in with the application if you have not already done so.
3.- Click on the image of your profile.
4.- Go to Settings.
5.- Activate the dark theme

In this way your eyes will tire much less and as we said before, if you are in an environment that requires a screen does not dazzle the room, you can do so and not bother who you have by your side. And if you are fond of following your favorite youtubers , you will have to activate it yes or yes!

The truth is that the popular application has been slow to enable this mode , which if you already did the Twitter application some time ago , and that is a very praised and practical update , since in many occasions we usually go to bed with our device .

YouTube already has a whopping 13 years with us, and was created by some former PayPal employees. In 2006, it became the property of the giant Google. At the moment it lodges million hours of recording , since in April of the year 2005 was uploaded the first video and that took by name "Me at the Zoo", in addition at the moment it follows in the web site. Are you curious to see it? We leave it here below.

Do you think the application in a dark way will have followers? Are you going to activate it? We wait for you in comments.

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