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Sunday, 15 April 2018

10 fundamental apps for iPhone and Windows 10 users

Today, for all of you who are trapped between the two worlds that are Windows and iOS, we present ten great apps to achieve a unified experience of the most satisfying. With them, you will not regret at any time having chosen the Apple mobile operating system for your phone or tablet for daily use.


It is not the first time we recommend Duet Display and honestly, I firmly believe that it will not be the last. It is the fastest, cheapest and most effective solution for all those who need more than one monitor to work efficiently anywhere.


If you need something more basic than Duet, and do not specifically require second screen functions, AirServer is for you. Thanks to this application, you can display the content of your iPad on another device without using an Apple TV . With PC with Windows 10 and its corresponding app downloaded from the Microsoft Store we can play everything on the screen of our iPad wirelessly.

Microsoft Authenticator

When it comes to protecting our accounts, it is not enough to have a complex password. It is necessary to use the systems of login with double factor to try to keep us safe from intruders. For this reason, Microsoft has created a simple application with which to encourage all its users to activate the double factor system in the Microsoft Account, which are now also linked to our PC.


And speaking of security, we also have an interesting option for those who also want to try to have a password for each place, but are unable to remember them. 1Password is a complete password manager that, combined with a good password created with these tricks will help you keep your accounts safe.

Continue on PC

For those who wish they could have something as useful as Handoff or Continuity in Windows, we have a perfect alternative. Not too many months ago, Microsoft launched a utility that allows it to be activated as an extension, so that it could send the contents of the iPhone or iPad to our computer. This new functionality works with web pages, documents, photographs ... And it only requires that you have Windows 10 with the autumn creators update .


Of course, we could not not mention Microsoft's office suite, which is not only present in iOS, but also one of the great alternatives to iWork. Especially for the advanced features of collaboration that integrates, superior to those of any of its competitors. The great disadvantage of this suite is that to make the most of it, it is necessary to have an Office 365 subscription.

Google Docs

And precisely because we know that not everyone can afford to pay a monthly subscription to activate a set of apps that we probably do not use on a regular basis, we also have the free alternative. Google Docs allows us to access documents from any web browser , and with these dedicated apps, we can take advantage of their potential.


And if we are going to be creating documents in droves, there is nothing better than OneDrive to have them synchronized with our computers. Today, the cloud storage service from Microsoft is best integrated with Windows 10 (for obvious reasons), so it is the perfect option to have the files always at hand . In addition, if we activate the automatic upload of photos we will receive 15 GB free.

Microsoft Edge

Continuing with the recommendations to have the perfect integrated experience, we had to recommend Microsoft Edge, the browser version of Windows 10 for iOS. You will not notice excessive performance improvements, since they are forced to use the same Safari engine, however, you can have an experience similar to PC .


Finally, we know that many times, even if your iPad or iPhone are really versatile, you will miss your computer. For this reason, we also recommend that you install TeamViewer, the remote desktop program par excellence, that will allow you to access your PC from anywhere . You just need to install it on your computer and on your mobile device, and have a good internet connection.

What are your options when synchronizing your iPhone or iPad with Windows 10? 

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