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Thursday, 26 April 2018

3 years after the launch, I keep asking myself what the Apple Watch is for

In 2007 Apple changed everything with the iPhone. A phone that opened the doors to smartphones that are nowadays and all they represent: a new way of socializing, of watching videos, of playing, a tool full of apps ... Yes, Apple started a successful and very lucrative revolution .

11 years later, Apple continues to set the path with its iPhone X, but society has changed a lot. We have allied with technology and another series of devices have emerged to further meet our needs. Precisely 3 years ago and one day, Apple launched to the world its proposal in the form of wearable with the Apple Watch .

In my case, I have been with him for a little over a year and I still consider it the most naive technological purchase I have made . Obviously the Apple Watch has changed a lot from the original to the Apple Watch 3 with functions as fundamental as GPS, water resistance and LTE, but the main problem is still there.

Johny Ive sold it to us in his presentation as ...

    We have conceived, designed and developed the Apple Watch as a unique product. You know, you can not determine a limit between the physical object and the software. (...) We present a unique technological innovation, combined with a design that connects with the person who takes it to intimate levels.

It sounds very beautiful. Too bad it is not true. Although we can not deny the ease of Apple to create needs that we did not have .

The unsolved problems of the Apple Watch

An excessive dependence on the iPhone

Yes, the Apple Watch is a mini computer attached to my wrist that allows me to get away from the iPhone. Or so he says, because the reality is different: you have a device to get rid of the iPhone but you need the iPhone nearby for almost everything .

It is also true that the Apple Watch has a design much more beautiful than any other smartwatch , that's true. And it is true that it allows a superior response to the rest, in terms of answering a call or a message.

A return to notifications and interactions

But that is to stay in the theory. You receive an alert and look at the screen to see the blue bubble. Have you tried on your day to day to draw an answer on the Apple Watch screen? To dictate an answer? In the end, you end up going to the phone to answer.

In our phone we have WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, email and many more apps that on our wrist become a torture thanks to the flagrant problem of Apple with notifications , which Cupertino must solve and optimize even more in this wearable .

The Digital Crown is a great resource, but it is still uncomfortable to interact : it may be the screen size, which logically has to be small.

A device with which to interact similarly to the iPhone is not required. But a much more polished and intelligent Siri would help enormously in these tasks , because after all the Apple Watch must be a device to use eminently without hands.

The "do not disturb" resource simply does not contemplate it: why do I want a smartwatch if I deactivate notifications? Little more than controlling my physical activity. Perhaps the solution is to reduce functions in this regard .

But being superior to the rest - at a much higher cost than the rest - still does not justify that, despite its undeniable evolution and leadership, the Apple Watch still has a long way to go .
The Apple Watch has no competition

Since its launch, the Apple Watch has only improved , something that has caused it to become the undisputed leader and that even Fitbit has changed its proposal to fight face to face with another smart watch.

And what is the problem? That Apple should apply the maxim that " if something works, do not change it ", so even if you introduce improvements and additional functions, keep pivoting on the same concept.

Maybe the Fitbit Versa puts its reign in trouble , motivating Apple to give a necessary effect on a good device but it could be much better .

For starters, it has already become a wearable much more focused on activity and sport . Of course, there is no doubt that Apple will continue to incorporate more sensors to monitor everything and a sleep control app should be the following.

But we insist that voice recognition and artificial intelligence should be the big improvements that Apple should implement in its Apple Watch to keep improving.

The eternal problem of the battery

This is already an old demand by all known . The Xiaomi bracelet lasts a month - although they are not even similar - but Fitbit Versa goes until 4 days, twice as much as the Apple Watch 3.

I insist on the problem of the battery because it is a device that should always be with us, otherwise it loses valuable time monitoring our lives.

Do you carry it while you sleep? Then you lose control of the dream. In the morning? Then it does not tell you that you have been sitting too long writing. Of course, you will not load it when you go to play sports. Apple should take note and not only increase their autonomy, but continue to experiment with wireless charging . 

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