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Monday, 23 April 2018

5 important things that iOS does better than Android

It is the endless debate, iOS and Android users discuss about which mobile operating system is the best and why. The truth is that both systems are the best on the market today, and obviously each of them has its advantages and disadvantages with respect to the other.

In an ideal world, Apple and Google would merge the best of their operating systems to create a kind of hybrid between iOS and Android. In this way the debates would end. Who knows, maybe not. Anyway, let's take a look at five very important things that iOS does better than Android .

While Android is better than iOS in other aspects such as in the section of personalization and other additional functions, Apple's mobile operating system is better in these five topics that we will talk about below.

1. Updates

Undoubtedly, iOS manages much better updates than Android and this makes Apple's operating system more fluid . When Android receives a new updated version, the only devices that have the installation secured are those of Google. We talked about the famous fragmentation of Android . And is that the vast majority of Android devices have a non-updated version of the operating system, and this takes its toll in the long run.

2. Design

In general, iOS offers a much cleaner, more elegant, more colorful user interface than Android . In Android seems to prevail, although less and less, the black tone. While in iOS applications the color white takes over everything. The elements of the user interface have a minimalist style , which add a plus to the intuitiveness of the system. In Android, on the contrary, it gives the sensation that everything is very overloaded.

3. Technical support

The customer service and technical support from Apple is, simply, impeccable. The treatment is friendly, the attention exquisite and they do not stop trying to help until the problem is solved . And if you go to the Apple Store, they take care of everything. As Android smartphones come from different companies, they do not have an equivalent.

4. iMessage

It is only a messaging application, but if the tests you can not stop using it. It has so many functions that it deserves its own section. It is exclusive for Apple devices , and although it does not have as much customization as WhatsApp or Telegram, it has many other advantages such as special effects, stickers that can be moved anywhere in the conversation, etc.

5. Security and privacy

Android has some very important security problems. And updates are an essential part of this problem . While the Google Pixel is probably armored against any attack, dozens and dozens of other smartphones are not.

Via | Android Central 

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