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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

5 new WhatsApp things you did not know could be done

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the iOS instant messaging applications that offers the most updates to its users. And these updates usually contain, as usual, all kinds of features and very interesting news.

In fact, WhatsApp introduced five new features in its latest updates . Undoubtedly, its software developers must have been very busy these weeks ...

In this article we will highlight the most interesting features that WhatsApp Messenger has recently incorporated , and maybe some of them you still did not know about them ...

1. WhatsApp allows you to change your phone number

The WhatsApp Messenger application offers a new option that offers the possibility of transferring all the data of a personal account to change to another phone number much more easily. Very useful if you bought a new iPhone.

2. Money transfers via QR on WhatsApp

This functionality is in beta, but will soon allow users to transfer money through QR codes . Currently, this novelty is available in India.

3. New Stickers for WhatsApp Messenger

The new WhatsApp Stickers allow users to add the current time and location to their insertion in images and videos . They also have a search section.

4. Improvements in voice messages

Recently the company behind WhatsApp has included improvements in audio messages that can now be played in the background on both the blocking screen and other third-party applications.

5. Widget for the most recent states

Another of the most interesting news that WhatsApp has implemented in its services has to do with the arrival of status updates in the widgets panel . This simplifies the interaction of each user with their contacts through the Today View of the iOS Notification Center.

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