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Monday, 2 April 2018

5 things that devour your iPhone's battery

We are continually fighting with the battery of our devices. There is nothing more distressing than having your iPhone at 3 percent when you still have a good time to plug it. And many times it is not possible to carry an external battery , for whatever reason.

The best thing is to put into practice certain tips, very simple by the way , to be able to stretch the duration of it like chewing gum. Follow them so that in those moments of anguish you can save the guy.

Protect it from extreme cold ... and heat

Extreme temperatures do not help the correct management of the battery. This works thanks to chemical reactions that are undoubtedly altered by these changes, reducing their capacity. In very cold climates, even the inside of the battery could get to freeze , so in these climates always a good cover and inside the pocket, and in hot climates, avoid direct sun exposure .

Eye to the applications

Normally we usually have activated the option to update applications in the background. That means that the device will search if there are new versions of the application, which does not lead to the battery is conserved. The best thing is to deactivate this option, for it go to Settings> General> Update in the background . Deactivate those that less interest you, the change is very noticeable.

Those notifications

Notifications are a double-edged sword, on the one hand they warn us of interesting things (and trivial too), but every time they do it they turn on the screen and emit a sound . this is undermining your battery capacity, prey to disable some going to Settings> Notifications and deactivating those you do not need. Surely there are many that you have activated that are not good for much.

Shine too

The brightness, if set to the maximum, is a great battery eater. If you want to automatically adapt to environmental conditions, swipe from the bottom to the top to access the Control Center . Click on the gloss icon and verify that you have activated True Tone and Night Shift.


Why have the Wi-Fi connected if you are in the middle of the field hiking? You are forcing your device to search for networks to connect to and thereby undermining your battery. In certain circumstances it is better to have it disabled, along with Bluetooth. Or directly, if your load is too low, activate the Airplane Mode. 

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