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Sunday, 22 April 2018

7 functions that Android phones had before the iPhone

Those of Cupertino have shielded themselves in the last years after the motto of "it is not who does it first, it is the one who does it better". However, we have to admit that there are certain things that have just arrived a little late .

So, for this, today we bring you a collection of the 7 functions that Android devices already had a long time before the iPhone. Keep reading to know more.

Edge-to-Edge screen

The arrival of the iPhone X marked a before and after in the history of Apple . The new device of the Cupertino came with a totally new design and capable of seducing anyone who looked at it for a long time. However, it was not at all the first to bring this design to the world of mobile telephony.

In fact, the first device to incorporate an "Edge-to-Edge" screen was the Sharp Aquos Crystal , a device that arrived in 2014 and was the first to start with this new trend.

Double cameras

The iPhone 7 Plus left us all speechless when it was presented in 2016, arriving with a double camera capable of taking real photons. However, it was not the first terminal in the world to include a double camera in its system.

Actually the first place is the Samsung SCH-B710. And it must be emphasized that this was not even a smartphone . Years later companies like LG and HTC would follow the game to this interesting terminal.

Wireless charging

Here we all know that Apple arrived incredibly late . The iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X are the first mobile devices of the company to be compatible with wireless charging, even though gadgets such as the Apple Watch or the AirPods have already included them.

This has been the correct move by Apple, it was time for them to ride the wireless cargo car , as all competitors seemed to be gaining ground in this regard.


When the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came out we all raised our hands to the sky and thanked Apple for finally including this feature. However, according to the company's website, the iPhone is not protected by the warranty without being wet ... Absurd!

However, the king of the resistance against the elements is Sony's Xperia range, which has been in this area for quite some time now. Other companies joined this initiative some time ago, but Apple came to include it in 2016 when it launched its iPhone 7 models.

OLED technology screen

This is one of the features that Apple is most proud of in its new iPhone X. The OLED screen allows the device to represent brighter colors and deeper blacks , in addition to targets much closer to reality. In addition, the iPhone X screen is probably the best on the market .

Samsung devices have been bringing OLED displays since 2010 , and since then they have been perfecting this technology to get much more vibrant and sharp screens. Nowadays it is quite impossible to find non-OLED screens in the brands' star terminals.

Awaken Siri with "Hey, Siri"

This feature came in 2015 along with the iPhone 6s , and is probably one of the implementations that have gone under the table for many users, however, it is very useful if you want to give commands to your devices using simply your voice. Setting to "Hey, Siri" you can give orders to the virtual assistant without touching your iPhone .

However, the Moto X already did it a few years ago in 2013. Thanks to this technology you could give orders to your terminal using the phrase "Ok, Google" -a little searched for the Spanish speakers, everything is necessary to say it-.

Lift to reactivate and Touch to activate

While the first came with the iPhone 6s, Touch's function to activate landed in the ecosystem of Apple with the iPhone X. However, they were not the first terminals to use functions of this type.

The famous Moto X was one of the first terminals to support the Lift function to reactivate. While the LG G2 was the first to include the Touch to activate in 2013, function that they called KnockON.


We already know that we are tired of the issue, but it is not about who did it first, but who knew how to implement it better . The competitors have included in their devices a lot of useful features, but they have not been able to give them the necessary publicity or a specific use, so they end up falling into collective oblivion.

Let's hope that Apple continues to advance in the years to come. If you do it at your own pace or a little faster, that is another issue, but we are sure that those in Cupertino have many surprises prepared for their users.

Do you think Apple has included some features too late? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | iDrop News 

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