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Monday, 2 April 2018

7 hidden tricks for iPhone that you do not know

Apple products, and the iPhone in particular, are elements that combine leisure and work possibilities . Thanks to him we remain communicated, we carry a photo camera or we remain connected to the internet.

The best thing of all is also to be able to always have in the bedroom some trick that helps us in very specific moments . We have compiled 7 of them that you will find. Do you dare to put them into practice?

One-hand keyboard

The adoption of Plus size, combined with hands not exaggeratedly large, makes writing to one hand is an ordeal. With iOS 11 there is a solution to this, go to Settings> General> Keyboards and select left or right according to your orientation.

Larger texts

In some small screen devices like the iPhone SE, it can be a pain to read in small print. You have an accessibility option to put the largest font. Simply go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Larger text and give the slider to adjust the font size to the one that is most comfortable for you.

Your personalized vibration

Almost all of us use the vibrations when we have the phone in silence, or we complement these with the usual sounds. But the best of all is that the iPhone allows you to create your own vibration, for it go to Settings> Sounds and vibrations , choose a type of notification and in Custom, create your own.

Use AirDrop

The best way to share files of any kind with a person who has an iOS device without having to have it as a contact . I use it a lot, to do so, select the photo or file and on the Share arrow select the AirDrop loop. Once that person appears, select it.

Find everything

Spotlight is the best way to have your files at hand, is a search engine of everything you have on your iPhone and do not know how to locate. Accessing it is simple, from the Home screen scroll to the right and a search bar will appear. You already have it.

Learn keyboard tricks

Review our tutorial with the best tricks to be an ace with the keyboard . One of them in a quick plan: if you press the shift key twice, your iPhone will write like that until you say otherwise.

Give Siri more wine

The poor woman is upset because you do not pay much attention to her, but she will always be there to help you . With just saying Hey, Siri , she will attend to your requests. Write a WhatsApp, find a restaurant or tell you the time tomorrow. 

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