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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

8 things you should know about the iPhone 8 (RED)

The iPhone 8 RED belonging to the series (PRODUCT) of Apple is already on sale, and for the moment has not left anyone indifferent. In addition and the reverse of last year with the iPhone 7 RED, which has mysteriously disappeared from the market , is very much like it thanks to the bright red color that stands out a lot more thanks to the glass with which both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 are made Plus.

We have already had the chance to see and touch it, and the feeling has been more than good. For all this we want to tell you 8 things you should know about the iPhone 8 (RED) and that may end up convincing you to release a new iPhone in the coming days.

It is much more red and bright 

The new iPhone 8 RED is much more red and especially bright , especially when compared to the iPhone 7 RED that Apple released to the market last year, or with other devices that are available in the market in this color.

The only pity is that the photographs do not do it justice and is that if they have it in their hands, not only will it look redder and brighter, but it will also be impossible for you not to buy it and take it home.

The black front is a great point in favor 

The iPhone 7 RED received innumerable criticisms from many users as the front was white, making a strange combination with the red back. Apple decided to pay attention to the many users who complained and the new iPhone 8 RED has the front in black, giving it an elegant and different touch .

This is still a matter of taste , but I am convinced that there are many more users who prefer the front in black than in white, and if you have chosen the target look at this picture and think about your answer.

Now yes, the Touch ID button is perfect 

Another of the great controversies that raised the iPhone 7 RED with the front in white, was that the edge of the Touch ID button did not have the same color as the back of the device, something that happened in other versions of the iPhone.

A strange silver color that was out of tune just looking at it, even if out of the corner of his eye. With the arrival of the iPhone 8 RED, and the black color of the back, we already have an almost perfect Touch ID button , since it would be ideal not to have it.

The Apple logo is not (PRODUCT) RED 

In the back, as in each iPhone model that has reached the market we find the company logo . Unlike what we might think this has not been dyed red , but has kept its silver color that users like so much.

This color makes it look perfect and also look beautiful at any time, thanks to the contrast with the color red. 

You look where you look at the new iPhone 8 RED has no flaw, or missing any detail . Of course the edges of aluminum, also red are not an excuse. And is that Apple takes care of their devices in the smallest detail.

As in other iPhone models the edges match the color of the back of the terminal and if the models in gold color, have the edges in the same color, in this edition in red are red.

The antenna band is now unnoticed 

An interesting improvement over the iPhone 7 has been the step to a second plane of the antenna band , which before could be seen around the device and now, thanks to the glass with which it is finished the iPhone 8 has allowed that antenna to pass totally unnoticed.

The back completely clear and with that bright red color, also without the presence of the antenna band, make it something not only very beautiful but almost unbeatable.

The glass finish is truly attractive, like a Ferrari 

The first time I had the new iPhone 8 RED in my hands, I was with an old friend, who still does not pay much attention to me and going from Android to Android in search of the perfect device that I would find in Apple. His first comment as soon as he saw it was "go red prettier Ferrari" .

And the fact is that the glass of the iPhone 8 in red gives Ferrari an air that is so well known and may be another good excuse to acquire the new Apple device. My friend of course did not give up or with that red Ferrari and still prefer his LG G6 in a color far removed from what the Cupertino have achieved.

The design is bright and inside there is an iPhone 8 

The design of the new iPhone 8 RED has improved very much compared to its predecessor, especially for the intense and bright color that makes it beautiful in view of any look. In addition one of the most positive aspects is that behind this new and successful design hides an iPhone 8 , one of the best mobile devices that Apple has designed, thanks to its combination of power and performance.

Have there been enough things about the iPhone 8 RED or do you still need some more to buy it today? 

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