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Saturday, 14 April 2018

9 out of 10 spend of #DeleteFacebook, what is your reason to continue on Facebook?

It is not the first time that Facebook makes mistakes, but the Cambridge Analytica scandal of recent weeks has been worse than ever before. In fact, it has caused that Mark Zuckerberg had to appear before the Senate of the United States to explain how its social network works and what guarantees it can offer to its users .

Facebook is free and as its CEO says, it will always be because the product is you (or rather, your data). It is true that users can limit to some extent the permissions we give to integrated apps within the platform and that Facebook has implemented additional security measures and withdrawn others that have been discovered to be a danger , but nothing changes .

And it does not change anything because the product is still you . An aggressive business model that has as its mission to reach all parts of the planet but that clashes frontally with Apple's , for example. In fact, this different way of seeing business has unleashed a harsh war of statements .

At this point, the image of Facebook has been severely damaged , being considered one of the least reliable technology companies by its users. Ironically, what could be worse for a social network than bad reputation?

Very simple: that people will erase their Facebook profile . Precisely in recent weeks you've seen the movement #deteFacebook, in which such important people as Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and even the creator of WhatsApp adhered to it, but they are only a few in the huge mass of 2,000 millions of users.

How has the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal affected you?

Well, a new survey by Creative Strategies has measured the effect of #DeleteFacebook on the US population, with the result that only 9% of respondents have deleted their profile . Of course, 36% are very concerned about their privacy and 41% are worried about something, but they are still on Mark Zuckerberg's social network.

Therefore, 17% of respondents deleted the app from their phone and 11% deleted it from other devices. But I insist: only 9% deleted their profile. A dramatic downturn in the vast vastness of users that translates into 19.2 million fewer people extrapolating to the entire American population. Less people, less money. Not only in ads, but their shares have also fallen by approximately 10%.

As we read in the conclusions of the study published in TechPinions :

    There is no confidence without transparency. 

Why are so few users erasing their Facebook profile despite the Cambridge AnalĂ­tica scandal? Do not you care about your privacy? Do not know how to do it? Do not know what happens with your data? Can not they live without Facebook?

Why are you still on Facebook?

I confess: I continue on Facebook and I explain why . I use Facebook to be in contact with old friends of my time as a student, travel, family, etc. I like to hear from them and interact with them from time to time. And gossip a little, why deny it. I like Facebook because it reminds me of birthdays and, although I could also write them down in a notebook or on the iPhone, I'll do it. But Facebook also helps me spread my work as a blog editor, making it reach a lot of people.

I think everyone cares about their privacy simply because we are a country of lowering the blinds at home. What happens is that we do not know what we are exposed to. There will be people who do not know exactly how much Facebook knows about us - hint, knows more than your own mother - who can have access to that information and what can it do with it . You may be up to date on the latest technology, but for many that Cambridge Analytica used personal data to launch a campaign in favor of Donald Trump ultra segmented sounds like Chinese. And if you do not know the potential, you do not know the risks either .

And other people will have annoyed, but you will be lazy to perform a somewhat intricate process such as deleting your Facebook account because total, they will think that they are the only ones in their environment and that their action will be harmless and imperceptible. And because they like it, why deny it? Social networks work because they satisfy our most egotistical, voyeur and social side .

But all of us who follow Facebook are very clear that we have learned how valuable our data is and that Mark Zuckerberg has seen the ears of the wolf. There are many social networks and higher towers have been seen falling. The CEO of Facebook is not stupid and knows that he has to move fast to continue offering a free but trustworthy product for his users. It is time to recover your image and for this you will not be spared in tools to make Facebook safer than ever . 

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