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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

9 reasons to buy the iPhone 7 instead of the iPhone X

Changing the iPhone is always a temptation, further encouraged by Apple's juicy advertising campaigns. Many times we end up biting before the due when our device is still in perfect use.

But when facing a purchase it can be interesting to rethink certain things. Why is it better to buy for example an iPhone 7 instead of the famous iPhone X? Well, if you want reasons, we will give you 9 so you can convince yourself.

9 reasons to buy the iPhone 7 instead of the iPhone X


The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus start from a price base of 639 and 779 euros respectively , for the 1159 euros of the iPhone X. In addition to this, usually find real bargains in certain places to have it for even less money.


While the iPhoneX is only available in space gray and silver, in the 7 series you find 5 different colors . Yes, I love the Jet Black color and I was able to keep it clean while I had it.


The iPhone 7 is 4.7 inches and the iPhone 7 Plus offers 5.5. The iPhone X is only available in 5.8 inches, there being no alternative .


Both use iOS 11, and the 2016 model makes it move perfectly thanks to its A10 chip . The experience is not very different , believe me.


The notch of the iPhone X is controversial, and there it is . It has its reason for being, it is obvious, but the series 7 does not have it and for many this is a value. Many people do not get used to it when it comes to putting the iPhone horizontal.

Touch ID

Eliminated on the iPhone X in favor of the Face ID, it is outlined as a secure system , much more. Practical and more than proven , in fact it is a technology with already 5 years that enjoys full force.

Rear cameras

Do not kid yourself, the series 7 allows authentic wonders when taking pictures. Why? Well, because the cameras in this series and the iPhone X are not very different, 12 mpx and a similar lens aperture . In the iPhone X there are improvements in the stabilization and the capture of light in situations of darkness, but the difference is not so much.

Front cameras

The same thing happens as with the previous point, same number of mpx. The improvements of the X are given by software and the TrueDepth system .


Well, the iPhone X dazzles with its OLED panel, but is it that the Retina of the 7 series is not a great experience? Some LCDs that hold the type in a solid way and that probably continue to see in 2018 in the model of 6.1 inches low-cost .

What is your reason number 10?

Via | bussinesinsider 

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