After all, the best of the iPhone X is its price -


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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

After all, the best of the iPhone X is its price

Apple put many expectations in its latest phone launch, the iPhone X. There have been many publications in all kinds of specialized press in which the sales of this model were questioned. It is true that its high price is a difficult barrier to tackle many times .

And to tell the truth, the iPhone X has sold very well in Asian countries such as China or Japan, and has had more irregular sales in Europe and the United States . But the results do not lie, and today a report has been made public in which it is highlighted that this phone model generates to Apple 21 percent of income in profits , and constitutes 35 percent of the total profits of the industry. mobile telephony worldwide at the end of last year.

And although the figures are no longer what they were in the past, where the iPhone had virtually no rival , we must say that this result is understood as quite positive, because there is now a fierce competition from brands that are making very competitive , lease Huawei or Xiaomi , at a price much more adjusted than those offered by the Californian company for its high-end.

    The iPhone X alone generates 21% of total industry revenues and 35% of total industry profits during the last quarter of 2017.

And the good news for Apple not only comes from these sales, but continues to offer devices that already have a few years and with which earns much more money . We could talk about the iPhone 6s , the 7 series or the iPhone SE , devices with full force and which are easy to obtain at a much more adjusted price in sales channels such as Amazon.

And a data for reflection, the star of Apple generates five times more benefit than the 600 brands that operate with Android. There is nothing.

Via | CNBC 

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