After the success in iPhone, Apple will manufacture the Mac chips in 2020 -


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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

After the success in iPhone, Apple will manufacture the Mac chips in 2020

Apple continues to grow and build its own future, in which it does not have to depend on anyone, and for that they seem in Cupertino seem totally willing to make their own chips for the Mac from 2020 . This is nothing new in the company of Tim Cook and is that they already develop and manufacture the chips for the new iPhone , with great success.

Now according to several reliable sources, Apple would be already working towards the year 2020, to launch the first Mac with its own processor . This would no longer depend on Intel, which has been one of its most loyal and important partners. This initiative that has been christened Kalamata would still be in its early stages of development.

With this change, the great beneficiary would be Apple and the users , since they could see how those from Cupertino incorporate new features to their products, without having to enter into a third party, which in most cases only delays these projects. On the other side we would find Intel, who would be the big loser. And they would lose 5% of their total annual income and, above all, be linked to a brand with enormous prestige.

In addition and as part of this initiative, Cupertino is already working on a platform, internally named Marzipan , which will allow users to run iPhone and iPad applications on Mac. Perhaps with a processor of identical characteristics in all devices, this platform is a real blessing for all users.

For now we must wait , and although it seems that in Cupertino are determined to make their own chips for your Mac, there is still a long way to go, but everything indicates that the decision that was made with the iPhone, is very close to making the jump to a new device. Also maybe we can finally see a convergence between iOS and macOS .

Do you think it's an Apple decision to abandon Intel to take over the Mac chips?

Via | bloomberg 

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