Apple does not want leaks of its products and threatens layoffs -


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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Apple does not want leaks of its products and threatens layoffs

Let's face it, leaks do not do anyone any good, at least in the long term. It is true, thanks to them you can make a publication become the center of attention and achieve great income, but that ends up taking its toll. In the end, the big losers are those who break confidentiality agreements and compromise the teams they work with, something that Apple recently wanted to remember .

For some years, the Cupertino company has worked very hard to improve security in order to avoid leaks of confidential information. In particular, information about the upcoming products that will be launched. Now, in an effort to take away from their employees the idea of ​​breaking the NDAs, Apple has reminded them through a statement of the consequences that participating in an action like that could have.

Thanks to the information shared by Bloomberg , we have seen that Apple has invited all people who have some relationship with the company to avoid talking about what they work outside of their work environment. In case these conditions are not met, they have remembered that those responsible for the leaks would be dismissed immediately . In addition, the company could also take legal action against them.

In the same document it has been remembered what happened a few months ago when the GM version of iOS 11 was leaked, revealing information about devices such as the iPhone X. Also on the leak that spoke of new delays in the functions of the next versions of iOS. In both cases, the company has already been able to identify the culprits , and they have been dismissed. Hopefully with this always remember that Apple does not tremble when it comes to getting rid of those who destroy the work of its thousands of employees.

What do you think Apple should do to avoid new filtering problems? Will they hunt the person responsible for filtering this same document?

Via | iPhoneHacks 

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