As an iPhone user there are two things that I envy about Android -


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Monday, 30 April 2018

As an iPhone user there are two things that I envy about Android

A few months ago, I decided to make the change from Android to iOS, and as I mentioned at the time, there are several things that I still miss. It's not a matter of regretting or not having jumped into Apple's operating system, but there are simply a lot of things to improve, and I'd love for the Cupertino guys to come down a bit from the pedestal they've climbed on, and start attend more to the reasons for the success of Android. Something that, honestly, would help them a lot.

Of course, the first big problem of buying an iPhone is that you do not have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of options. This may allow your products to be optimized, but it also assumes that not everyone will be able to afford an iPhone. And that we will have to swallow with all the decisions taken by Apple, such as the technology of their screens, or the absence of connectors such as the headphone jack .

On the other hand, we are faced with another fundamental problem, which has somewhat harmed Apple's operating system since its inception. Freedom in regards to the use of the telephone . And is that, if there is something that we have to give up when jumping to Apple platforms, is to make the most, since the system itself, and the restrictions that the company imposes on developers, prevent certain capabilities are exploited Correctly.

In any case, the truth is that we have renounced these two things for the same reason: effectiveness. We may not have the freedom that they have in Android when it comes to choosing the features of our phone, or that we can not use certain apps because the company does not approve them. However, we have an experience of use that no Android phone is able to overcome. Or at least, we had it until Apple also began to neglect the software, although that is another question.

And you, do you feel it has been worthwhile to give up those two aspects?

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