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Monday, 2 April 2018

Augmented Reality will make you a better driver

Recently we have heard of a couple of tragic traffic accidents related to autonomous cars, with a balance of a woman who died in the state of Arizona , tel and as they inform us from Gizmodo. And although progress requires trials and errors , criticism has not been expected in this regard.

It is not a novelty that Apple works in an autonomous car, in fact the leading companies could be working in this direction, and while that car model without a driver comes to fruition, a patent has been granted to Cupertino who mixes augmented reality and driving so we can be more confident at the wheel. ''

This patent is " an augmented reality system that takes advantage of a pre-generated 3D model of the world to improve the representation of 3D graphics content, with augmented reality views of a scene, for example, a virtual vision of the world in front of a moving vehicle " .

The drivers of these vehicles would be equipped with glasses or headphones and would show, as a preview, what happens on the road , including what can not be seen, like a child riding a bicycle behind a bus shelter.

It is undeniable that the world of augmented reality has been gaining strength, and Apple is no stranger to it. In its latest operating system, iOS 11, there have been a multitude of Augmented Reality applications that have been appearing, a sign that the company wants to not put doors to the field of something that will go on from here on out.

With the development of this driving system, at the moment it is not even remotely with tangible projects such as Tesla, it is clear the orientation of Californians by roadside assistance systems , which could support the usual work of conduction.

Via | cultofmac 

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