Discover Hyperspektiv, an app with amazing effects -


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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Discover Hyperspektiv, an app with amazing effects

The App Store is full of applications that allow you to edit photos and videos , it may be the most saturated category of the app store. Today we come to present one with a strange name, but that is very curious.

Hyperspektiv is not an application to use in terms of editing , that is, it is not the typical one in which you make a photo or a video and then you apply filters, put shadows, textures or cut out light. It is very different from all this because it allows a very interesting option, marked by immediacy. I mean, I want it, I do it and I enjoy it .

With them you can apply these effects at the same time you capture the image or the video, with which you already have an idea of ​​how you are going to adapt the result. What I like about the app is that it has 30 different types of filters , let's face it, all with very curious effects and with a certain seventies feel. Combinations of impossible colors and distortions make Hyperspektiv an important asset in our apps backpack.

The application costs little more than one euro, and for what it costs is not bad, although good, it is not a must. You can capture photos and videos from the same application , in the case of the latter to HD 720, or apply them to videos that you have already recorded. However, you can not apply effects to photos that you have already taken previously, it is an option that they should have applied, but hopefully it will arrive soon.

Who is this app recommended for? For people with creative and experimental capacity , because it allows to obtain curious, very lively and attention-grabbing effects. It is not indicated for those who like clear recordings with little editing. Although as a complement to generate special effects in home movies that you later edit with iMovie or similar apps is not bad. You dare?
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