Do not put people in WhatsApp groups, better invite them -


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Friday, 13 April 2018

Do not put people in WhatsApp groups, better invite them

Since its inception, the WhatsApp Messenger application has been incorporating new features and features through updates in the App Store that have managed to keep at the top of the ranking of instant messaging apps.

In fact, recently we discovered some of WhatsApp news for iOS, among which highlights the possibility of tracking the status of contacts in the widgets panel and the background playback of voice messages .

But some of the new features that have been arriving to the WhatsApp Messenger application have gone very unnoticed. As the configuration options of the groups, and the invitations via links and QR codes.

How to invite contacts to WhatsApp groups

We all know that to invite someone to a WhatsApp group you need to be an admin and you also get people in a hurry and betrayal. Well, if you are the administrator of the group you can follow a series of steps to send your invitations with QR code and / or links so that your contacts can join when they wish:

1. Open WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone.
WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
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2. Access your chat group.

3. Press the group information button (i).

4. Click on the "Share" option.

5. Then select one of the options: Share link, Copy link or QR code.

As you may have seen, inviting your contacts to join your WhatsApp group is much more convenient for them. In this way, they can decide if they want to join or not , and can do so whenever they wish.

Do you have a WhatsApp Messenger group on your iPhone? How do you usually invite your contacts to join the group? We wait for you in the comments section of the bottom part and in the social networks. 

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