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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Do you prefer a cheap iPhone or a next-generation iPhone?

It is often associated with users with iPhone to be exquisite, gourmets, to buy without looking at the price to be carried away by the prejudice that Apple is expensive , something that if it is true that the bitten apple is not the cheapest signature, yes It is true that their products have excellent durability, great value for money and they are also within the prices of the sector. And it is that as much as it hurts, Apple did not start the club of smartphones of more than one thousand euros .

However, the latest study by analysts at Susquehanna Financial Group denies that they have the same money: we like Apple, but we look a lot where we invest our money . In fact, almost half of the iPhone sold in the last quarter were old devices, that is, they were neither the iPhone 8 nor the iPhone X, but earlier models.

In addition, refurbished iPhones increasingly gain market share , becoming a real headache for both Apple and Android manufacturers .

In fact, the latest price rebound in the iPhone of 2017 has hurt Apple in terms of numbers , selling 45 million, a high number but lower than the previous year. Specifically, 13% less iPhone was sold .

Of that almost fifty million iPhone sold in the previous quarter, only 8 million were the iPhone X. After all, the iPhone X is the phone of the year but its 1,159 euros starting is a lot of money .

Of course, for the moment Apple is optimistic, although we will have to wait until May 1 to know figures . Tim Cook has expressed himself in these terms regarding sales:

    The iPhone X is the most sold phone in the world in the last quarter of 2017 according to Canalys. And it's our best-selling smartphone since it was launched.

Bad news for Apple's R & D & I

According to Mehdi Hossein de Susquehanna, in this quarter Apple has sold 15 million iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, somewhat cheaper than the iPhone X but with a very familiar design for users: the same one that Apple has been repeating since the iPhone 6 of 2014

The other 22 million are shared between iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which shows on the one hand that Apple has more phones in the market than ever and that they are also a great option, much more Affordable than the iPhone of 2017. That is, for many it is better to pay less even if there is less innovation . And this is not good for Apple.

Each time a user "passes" the new models by older ones, Apple receives a clear message : many of its users would prefer cheaper iPhones although there are fewer revolutionary features. In addition, everything points to the numbers this 2018 will continue to fall, although Apple earns more money than ever because the terminals are more expensive .

In any case, on May 1 we will leave doubts and we will know if the iPhone X is being an absolute success or the bluff of the year . 

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