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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Download the best free apps of the weekend, the offer runs out!

Despite the fact that time seems to indicate otherwise, we are already in the spring. In addition to that it is Saturday, and therefore with a magnificent weekend ahead , to fill it with incredible plans, as well as these apps and free games.

And since we do not love to sign up for any kind of banal celebration, we do it with a good set of apps and free games for a limited time for iPhone and iPad . Take advantage and do not delay the download since the offers expire in a short time.

Apps and free games this weekend

Turn your iPhone into a fun photographic machine , being able to add almost any effect to your shots. They will be much more fun now! You can make great presentations with music.

Studio Music Player

If what you really like is music and be able to enjoy it without losing detail, we recommend this complete 48 band equalizer with which you can adjust your ears to the parameters that you like the most.

AirDisk Pro

The best way to transfer files from your iPhone or iPad to another device via Wi-Fi . It is an authentic tool that also integrates a viewer and document editor, PDF viewer and images and many other things. Very useful!

CAD Viewer

You already know that PDF readers are very many available, but this includes a great jewel, the ability to open and edit CAD files . If you move in environments in which you use them often, you will no longer be a slave to your computer.

War of Eclipse

Despite its minimalist graphics and its eighties aesthetic, we find a game that engages and likes, since you'll have 35 different enemies in front of you .


A very simple and complete way at the same time to be able to categorize the income and expenses and that will undoubtedly help you to get your economic balance more controlled . Also compatible with iCloud, to save your records in the cloud.


We finish the weekend proposal with BlitzKeep, where you will have to attack and use intelligence and wisdom . An im-pres-cin-di-ble RGP game.

Did you like the proposal? Remember to follow us so you do not miss anything and have the best of the App Store on your device.

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