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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Every time you take a picture with iPhone, the click of a Canon sounds

There are a number of sounds present in mobile phones that are completely recognizable by anyone on the planet. And one of them is the sound of the iPhone camera when you take a picture. Another one, to mention another example, is the Marimba sound of the Nokia phone ringtone .

Now, how did everything begin? Why is this and no other the sound of the iPhone camera? Did you know that the sound of the iPhone photos is that of a Canon camera?

The man behind this sound wanted to share his story about how he got his sound to slip into Apple's software until our times. His name is Jim Reekes and he has worked at Apple since the late 1980s.

Jim Reekes was asked to work on creating new sounds for Mac computers , and most of them he created from the living room of his home in San Jose, California.

How was the sound of the iPhone photos created?

There is an interesting story behind the sound of the iPhone camera. The Mac already had many sound effects created before Jim Reekes came to the company. But there was a problem ... when Steve Jobs decided that "Apple" would be the name of his company, there was another company with the name "Apple". We are talking about Apple Records (Apple Corps) of the Beatles . Steve Jobs promised the Beatles that he would not get into the world of music (Ah ... delicious irony, is not Apple Music?).

Finally, the demands arrived. To avoid any kind of legal problems regarding the audio of the devices, Jim Reekes was assigned the task of re-creating each of the sounds that had a musical name . For example, one of the sound effects for Mac was called "Xylophone", so I had to change its name and change its sound.

    "In fact, I thought of calling it 'Let it Beep' and of course you can not do something like that, so I thought of 'so sue me'. And I thought it was a proper name. I just had to say it in a funny way so I called it 'Sosumi' (So Sue Me). "

There is a Canon behind every iPhone

Jim Reekes was also responsible for creating the sound used for the screenshots of the Mac . In fact, you will hear the same sound every time you take a picture on your iPhone. That "click" of the camera so characteristic. We love this kind of curiosities related to iPhone and iPad .

Specifically, the sound comes from a 1970 Canon AE-1 camera that Jim Reekes had at home. It comes directly from that Canon that he bought when he was in high school, and the sound has been slightly slowed down to adapt to our times. A great story! True?

Via | CNBC 

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