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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Facebook eliminates a function that put at risk the data of 2 billion users

The social network Facebook has been lately news for something not exactly pleasant. We already knew that the tricks and tricks that are used to receive certain advertising tips are usually directed by the likes that we usually do while sailing.

What ended up giving the thrust in this regard was the influence on the intention to vote of 87 million Americans , and not 50 million of them as originally said, directed towards the Republican party, and of which Facebook was responsible through Cambridge Analytica . Of such magnitude is the scandal that Marck Zuckerberg has publicly apologized and will declare to the North American Congress next Tuesday, April 10. 

So much so that there seem to be changes, Facebook has removed a feature by which searches could be performed by entering the phone number or email of a user . Given that the value of the company on the stock market has fallen significantly, there is a change of rudder by the CEO, which has been expressed in the following terms: " We did not take a sufficiently broad view of our responsibility and it was a big mistake . It was my mistake . "

And is that we are not really aware of all that it means to give a Like on the social network, as we explained in Urban Techno and the implications it has. The founder of the company defends his business model , a highly invasive advertising that monetizes everything, and at the moment he does not seem to want to change this type of model, although he plans to be more careful with the data of the users.

The tendency to erase the profiles of the social network is something that has not decreased, many people have been encouraged to take the step . This initiative was also promoted by one of the creators of Facebook . It was already known that the network probably did not act too ethical, but this fact has filled the glass of patience for many. 

Have you deleted your profile in the social network?

Via | bloomberg 

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