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Monday, 2 April 2018

Finally you can use a microSD with your iPhone

Apple has never allowed microSD cards to be introduced in their mobile devices, since the company does not include slots for this type of cards to obtain additional storage capacity.

The company's strategy of the bitten apple is to provide consumers with different models of devices with different storage capacities . If you hate the fact that you can not insert microSD cards into your iPhone, your iPad or your iPod touch, today we bring you the solution.

The Lexar company has created an accessory that will allow you to use microSD cards in your iPhone to expand the storage of your smartphone. It is a kind of adapter for the USB port Lightning, and its operation is really simple.

Lexar LRWMLBEU: a microSD memory card reader for iPhone

This microSD to Lightning adapter uses USB 3.0 technology to provide the best high-speed data transfer experience with RAW images, HD photos, 4K videos, etc. It is compatible with the most recent card formats such as SDHC / SDXC, UHS I, UHS-II, CompactFlash ...

In addition, it has a drop-down design that allows to protect card slots when they are not being used.

Among the main features that are detailed in the description of this curious accessory, you will find the following functions:

  •     Upload and transfer content to and from your iPhone and your iPad with a microSD card.
  •     Great for any user who wants to capture photos and videos with cameras.
  •     Accessory with a very small, portable design and compatible with the Lightning connector.
  •     It works with the use of free file management applications (App Store).
  •     Automatic and secure data synchronization. 

Buy Lexar microSD card adapter

The accessory is available in three different models: Dual-Slot USB 3.0, Multi-Card 25-in-1 and Micro SD to Lightning. We are interested in the micro SD model to Lightning and it is available for 44.33 euros on Amazon. You can buy this accessory from the following link:

Price: € 44.33

Buy Amazon

There is no doubt that it is an extremely useful accessory given that in most days of the iPhone and iPad users we store an immense amount of files in our terminals (photographs, videos, documents, contacts, messages ... 

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