Find a security breach on iOS and earn 3 million dollars! -


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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Find a security breach on iOS and earn 3 million dollars!

iOS boasts to be one of the most hermetic and secure operating systems of all that exist . Good proof of this are the controversies that have always been generated with the security forces and the perpetrators of criminal acts. The FBI was at war with Apple on account of the release of the iPhone 5c from the author of the San Bernardino massacre.

And the closure of Apple in terms of facilitating work to these bodies, has led to heated discussions . The latest is the sale of some boxes capable of accessing any iPhone, known as GrayKey , and the subsequent response of the Cupertino. Come on, that security generates interest and why deny it, money.

As a demonstration of this, a company based in the United Arab Emirates and called Crowdfense, offers a whopping 3 million euros to anyone who is capable of violating iOS , but the bet goes up, since not only she tempts to find holes in this system, but in MacOS, Android and Windows.

    "We focus on the tools used to carry out law enforcement or intelligence activities, not to destroy the functionality and effectiveness of the systems"

And what can be the objective of a company with this reward? Well, very obvious, get more benefit. For this, they do not hesitate to sell the obtained data to the security forces and bodies , as well as to the intelligence services. At the moment they have an allocated budget of 10 million dollars, which is not known if it will be short or not. Everything will depend on the strength of said system and the ability of those who intend to achieve it.

    We just launched the largest #BugBounty program in history: $ 10 Million available. Go to for more details. #CyberSecurity #CyberDefense #Hacking #VulnerabilityResearch # 0day
    - Crowdfense (@crowdfense) April 24, 2018

Via | 9to5mac 

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