Forget the Gorilla glass: Apple patents the tubular screen for the iPhone -


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Monday, 23 April 2018

Forget the Gorilla glass: Apple patents the tubular screen for the iPhone

One of the most interesting elements of any self-respecting mobile device is the screen. This year also in the novelty in the Cupertino house has been the implementation of screens with OLED technology , manufactured by Samsung , and that provide great clarity and greater energy efficiency.

And it is clear, renew or die. Apple has patented a revolutionary type of screen, as it is a tubular or covering much of the device itself . The normal screens as we know them are fastened on a frame or structure that can be of different types of material, plastic or metallic, and that is called chassis.

This type of novel screen would provide the necessary strength to integrate elements such as the battery or the circuitry that makes the device work. we would speak of a multilayer glass screen, with an important solidity that would cover the sides of the device, as can be seen in the graph.

If this patent were developed, we could not only see it on the iPhone or iPad, but also on laptops, on the Apple Watch, iPod touch or even desktop computers, the iMac . The concept of all glass would provide a clean and completely stylized aesthetics to the appliances , would raise the price of these products if incorporated?

Although this patent may seem novel, in fact it was registered in the last quarter of last year , it is something that Apple has been working on since 2011. Logically it is unknown if it is something that will have a future continuity, and if it occurs, when it would be its launch to the global market.

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