France will launch its own WhatsApp for security -


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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

France will launch its own WhatsApp for security

The French government is developing its own encrypted messaging service to prevent espionage by third parties. We are increasingly aware of the importance of privacy and the security of our communications thanks to recent news such as the scandal in which Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have been discovered using user data for election campaigns or that Telegram was banned in Russia. precisely because it could not be controlled by the authorities.

And is that most of us use Facebook and its messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram, precisely the preferred app of Emmanuel Macron, the current president of France. But Telegram's servers are not on French soil, so any security breach would be complicated to control or legislate not to be in their territory .

Without going any further, although Apple has a business model very different from that of the Facebook emporium - which includes Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp - some of its servers have just been transferred to China , a country known for its censorship and control

A WhatsApp made in France

To avoid greater evils, more than 20 French officers are testing a new status app that has been designed entirely by French intelligence, which will be ready for use from the summer. The objective is clear: that nobody can crack it and that the data is not in other countries .

As his spokesman explained to Reuters :

    We need to find a way to have an encrypted messaging service that has not been encrypted in the United States or Russia. You just have to think about the potential gaps that could take place, as we saw on Facebook, to get going and do something

The new French government app has been developed with an open source database available on the Internet , and could be available to all citizens. At the moment, both the code used and its name are unknown.

However, both WhatsApp and Telegram have recently reinforced their security , insisting that their data is encrypted end-to-end, which guarantees that only the parties have access to the information. But the sensitivity on these issues is nowadays on the surface and more than one and two have been changed to Signal, the safest messaging app that exists in the App Store. 

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